Turkish threats over marine parks

Tensions with Ankara have resurfaced again after Ankara's objections to Greece's announcement to designate marine parks, including one in the Aegean Sea. 

Ankara's intransigent stance on issues related to the Aegean, as expressed by its ministries of foreign affairs and defense and the ruling AKP party, stem from its long-held theory of "gray zones" in the region.

Turkish police mark 179th anniversary of foundation

The Turkish police force has marked the 179th anniversary of its establishment, with leading chiefs of the organization holding an official ceremony at the mausoleum of modern Türkiye's founder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

Commencing from the beginning of the week, the country's 81 provinces are witnessing official ceremonies for the anniversary.

Greek and Turkish officials to hold diplomatic talks in Ankara

Greece's Deputy Foreign Minister Alexandra Papadopoulou is scheduled to meet her Turkish counterpart Burak Akcapar on Monday in Ankara as part of the political dialogue between the two countries' foreign ministries.

The meeting will primarily address Greek-Turkish bilateral relations, along with discussions on regional and international developments. [AMNA]