Greek and Turkish officials to hold diplomatic talks in Ankara

Greece's Deputy Foreign Minister Alexandra Papadopoulou is scheduled to meet her Turkish counterpart Burak Akcapar on Monday in Ankara as part of the political dialogue between the two countries' foreign ministries.

The meeting will primarily address Greek-Turkish bilateral relations, along with discussions on regional and international developments. [AMNA]

US will be ‘closely monitoring’ Turkey

The Biden administration has assured the US Congress that it will closely monitor Turkey's behavior towards Greece, particularly focusing on potential overflights of Turkish F-16s over Greek islands and violations of Greek airspace, Chris Van Hollen, a Democrat who sits on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, says in an interview with Kathimerini, emphasizing that there will be consequences

The qualitative advantage

The US government has chosen a peculiar way to handle the triangular agreement with Greece and Turkey for the sale of F-16 and F-35 fighter jets. And now it will have to manage Ankara, which does not accept that the deal contains any guarantees or commitments on its part.

The conditions tied to Turkey’s F-16 acquisition

Reliable diplomatic sources have told Kathimerini that Turkey's acquisition of F-16 fighter jets from the United States will be made on the condition that they will only be used for NATO alliance purposes and not for overflights above Greek islands, according to a confidential letter from the US State Department to the four relevant congressional committees of the House of Representatives and t

Century-old flute returns home

A flute played 88 years ago by Zahit Özsezen, a solo flutist in the early years of the Turkish Republic, has been found in the U.S.

The wooden flute, called Non-Boehm, which Özsezen used about a century ago, has recently returned to the Turkish capital from California.