Key lawmakers signal allowing Turkey’s purchase of F-16s: US media

If Turkey "plays its cards right," it can convince the U.S. Congress to allow a roughly $6 billion purchase of 40 Block 70 F-16 fighter jets and approximately 80 modernization kits from Lockheed Martin to upgrade its existing fleet, the Defense News reported referring to comments by Congress members.

More Turkish provocations: While everyone was dealing with the pandemic, we turned Hagia Sophia into a mosque & opened Varosia! (video)

The Turkish Interior Minister acknowledges that while the world was dealing with the pandemic, Ankara was promoting its provocative plans

Roman-era theater comes to life

Around 70 percent of restoration works in the 2,000-year-old ancient Roman theater ongoing since 2020 as part of the Archaeopark Project have concluded.

Being restored in accordance with many international ancient theater reconstruction works, the theater can be used as an open-air stage with an audience capacity of approximately 1,500 people when the work is done.

Would Turkey intervene militarily in Bosnia-Herzegovina? "A main obstacle is Russia"

Unlike in the 1990s, Turkey is now a geopolitically stronger force, intervening in Syria and Libya without anyone's permission, so its potential engagement in Bosnia-Herzegovina is possible.
Ankara already has military bases in Bosnia-Herzegovina and is in a stronger situation than it was in Syria or Libya.