Cliffside buildings in Türkiye’s resort town Antalya cause panic

Amid the quake panic in Türkiye following the deadly Feb. 6 quakes, the topic of the dangerously risky structures in the Mediterranean province of Antalya's cliff band has come to the agenda once again, as experts emphasized that actions should be taken as soon as possible about these residences.

Tourism sector upbeat on winter school break

Schools in Türkiye will start a two-week half-year term break on Jan. 20, with students and families eagerly awaiting the chance for travel and tourism professionals expecting a good inflow of tourists this year.

Cultural tours, thermal facilities and Turkish Cyprus are among the most popular routes for holidaymakers at a time when ski resorts lack snow globally.

Hoteliers offer to help curb boom in rents

Hoteliers in Antalya, which has received serious immigration from two countries since the start of the war in Ukraine, have proposed that the invoices and accommodation documents to be given to the tourists staying in small and medium-sized hotels be accepted as lease contracts.

The move could help stop the exorbitant increases in house prices and rents, according to the hoteliers.

Heavy rain, storms pound Antalya

Heavy rain and storm disrupted traffic and paralyzed daily life in the southern province of Antalya on Jan. 11.

Antalya, one of the 11 provinces for which the Turkish State Meteorological Service issued an "orange alert," has been seriously affected by torrential rain and storms since Jan. 11.