Asian tourists taking cultural tours in Antalya, ecological tours in Isparta

Antalya and the nearby provinces of Isparta and Burdur are attracting growing numbers of Korean and other Asian tourists who are looking for a holiday full of culture and adventure With culture on offer in Antalya and outdoor activities available in Isparta and Burdur, tourists from East Asia are increasingly flocking to southern Turkey for holiday opportunities.

Stone Sculpture Symposium at UNESCO world heritage site

In the Mediterranean resort province of Antalya, the second Stone Sculpture Symposium will be held in the Ka? district, which was recently added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

At the symposium to be held at the ancient site of Xanthos, nine marble seating areas that fit the historical fabric of the site will also be installed.

Court fines CHP deputy 10 mln liras for alleged public budget shortage

The Republican People's Party (CHP) Antalya Deputy Mustafa Akayd?n has been fined 10 million Turkish Liras by the Turkish Court of Accounts for allegedly causing a shortage in the public budget through construction work and introduction of an automated bus payment system in the Mediterranean province of Antalya when he served as Antalya's mayor.

Hotel employee arrested for raping Russian tourist in Turkey's Antalya

A hotel employee has been arrested for allegedly raping a Russian tourist in Turkey?s Mediterranean province of Antalya.

The 22-year-old hotel technician, identified only by the initials Ö.A., was arrested on July 13 on allegations of raping the 21-year-old Russian woman staying in the hotel, located in the Çamyuva neighborhood of Antalya?s Kemer district.

Turkish tourism sector expects dramatic rise in domestic tourists after Ramadan

Tourism sector representatives have pinned their hopes on a potential post-Ramadan rise in the number of domestic tourists with the help of discount campaigns in hotel prices, especially in Antalya, the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB) said July 7.