Toys draw visitors to museum

Nearly 3,000 old toys, collected by Turkish writer Sunay Akın from all around the world, are being displayed at the Antalya Toy Museum, which was opened by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality in 2011.
The toys date back to the years between 1890 and 1980.

Top court declares river threatened by new HES project natural protected area

Turkey’s Council of State approved on June 30 an earlier ruling declaring the Alakır River in the Mediterranean province of Antalya a natural protected area. 

A total of four hydroelectric plants (HES), have so far been constructed along the 70-kilometer-long river, which takes its water source from the Bey Mountains, west of Antalya.

Tree houses draw tourists to Olimpos

Olimpos is a little known getaway in the southern province of Antalya, full of outside sporting activities and a plethora of wooded area to escape the concrete jungle of daily life Antalya, which hosts more than 12 million tourists every year with its well-known sea, sun and sand, also offers opportunities to those who want to have an alternative holiday.

BLOG: The smallest room can be the biggest challenge

Reading this website you might expect a deep analysis of politics, or perhaps a serious look at the interest rates. Well not today.... 

Today we are taking a look at a simple challenge but one that almost every foreigner in the country has to deal with. One that involves that smallest room in the house and creates one of the biggest challenges to overcome for foreigners.