Antarctic region

Bulgarians are the First Explorers of the Bottom Ecosystems in Antarctica

The first project, dedicated to marine biology and definition of the species composition of the bottom ecosystems in Antarctica, is by the Bulgarian scientists, said in the city of Varna the hydrobiologist Prof. Lubomir Kenderov of the Sofia University, who was among the rapporteurs of the national anniversary forum of the Bulgarian Underwater Association.

We will be Able to See and Touch the First Bulgarian Building in Antarctica

A replica of the first Bulgarian building of Antarctica, built 30 years ago, will become part of the collection of the National Museum of History. This was announced today by the director of the museum, Associate Professor Bonnie Petrunova and the head of our Antarctic expedition, Hristo Pimpirev.

Turkey deploys scientists to Antarctica to upgrade status in treaty, conduct research

Turkey is set to deploy a large team of scientists to Antarctica, the world’s fifth largest continent, to assess the feasibility of establishing a scientific base in order to meet the criteria needed to upgrade its status from non-consultative to consultative party in the Antarctic Treaty.

Scientists puzzled by giant mystery hole in Antarctica (photos)

A hole as large as Lake Superior or the state of Maine has opened up in Antarctica, and scientists aren’t sure why it’s there.
The gigantic, mysterious hole “is quite remarkable,” atmospheric physicist Kent Moore, a professor at the University of Toronto’s Mississauga campus, told me over the phone. “It looks like you just punched a hole in the ice.”