No let-up on bird poaching crackdown, UK bases official on Cyprus says

A spokesman for Britain's two military bases on Cyprus says that there will be no letup in an ongoing crackdown against illegal bird trapping on the facilities.

Sean Tully said Wednesday that authorities will continue nightly operations to uproot acacia trees in which trappers hide nets used to snare migratory birds.

Real children who were raised by animals! (video)

Most of us have probably either read about the story of Mowgli, the boy raised by animals and living in the jungle. He is the fictional character and the star of The Jungle Book stories. But that’s just a fairytale, you might think. Well the idea of feral children might sound unbelievable, but in fact there have been instances of real children being raised by wild animals.

Balkan Locals Help Wildlife Survive Winter Freeze

With icy, sub-zero temperatures gripping the Balkans and imperiling many birds and animals, wildlife protection organisations and volunteers are battling to help them survive the savage weather.

The media in both Serbia and Croatia are encouraging ordinary people to make their own dog houses from cardboard, construction foil and Styrofoam.

Officials crack down on illegal hunters

The Forestry and Water Affairs Ministry has launched new efforts to prevent hunters from illegally harming wildlife.

The Nature Conservation and National Parks Directorate, General Directorate of Forests, gendarmerie, police, village heads and honorary hunting inspectors have joined hands to support an effective fight against illegal hunters.

Cloned dogs join Russian army! (photos)

Three Belgian Malionois joined the Russian armed forces last week. Security forces, both police and army have long been using canines in missions. But what makes these puppies special is the fact that they are cloned! The Belgian Malinois were created from best South Korean sniffer dogs, cloned to maximise unique abilities working for police or security service.