UPDATEIohannis: Saying that in 1989 there wasn't an anti-communist revolution, shameful act of denying human sacrifice

President Klaus Iohannis said, in his speech delivered at the Romanian National Opera of Timisoara, that denying the existence of an anti-communist revolution in Romania of 1989 represents "a shameful act of denying the huge human sacrifice." He brought to mind that, 30 years ago, in Timisoara, the communist regime was defeated for the first time and "the first sign of liberty was given." He in

Solemn session/Parliament adopts Declaration devoted to marking 30 years since 1989 Revolution

Parliament adopted on Monday in a joint plenary solemn session a Declaration devoted to marking 30 years since the Revolution of December 1989, highlighting that the fight of the Romanian people against communism must further represent a source of moral and political inspiration to deal with the challenges of the world today.

Solemn session/Iohannis: Justice must establish truth about Revolution; hold guilty accountable

President Klaus Iohannis stated on Monday that the state has "delayed for far too long" the discovery of the truth about the Revolution in 1989 and emphasized that justice must hold those guilty accountable. "After 1990, there were different initiatives through which the memory of those who gave their lives in December 1989 was honored.

Poland’s Independence March a ‘Litmus Test of Far-Right Support’

This year's event on Monday follows a general election in October that handed the ultranationalist Law and Justice party (PiS) a second term in power and saw 11 candidates from a far-right alliance win seats in parliament. Rights groups say the political climate has never been more friendly to far-right extremism.

Democracy Digest: Poland’s Populists Stand on Shakier Ground

Still smarting from losing the Senate by a whisker earlier this month, Poland's governing populists are contesting the result.

Opposition parties won 48 seats in the upper house, helped by a strategy of not fielding candidates against each other. Combined with the votes of three independents who support them, that gives the opposition just enough clout to control the chamber.

Why the Fight for Poland’s Soul Is Far From Over

The decision was an administrative one but the timing was a boon for Poland's ruling Law and Justice party (PiS) ahead of the vote.

Then, just as the illiberal populists thought they had the upper hand, Poland's liberal democrats got a boost from news that feminist author Olga Tokarczuk had won the Nobel Prize for literature.

Devil in the Detail of Polish Ruling Party’s Welfare Promises

The conservatives in PiS, however, put income redistribution to the fore of the public agenda, party leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski even extolling people to read Capital in the 21st Century, the global bestseller by French economist Thomas Picketty that cast fresh light on the issue of inequality.