Anti-Israeli sentiment

Aid for Gaza loading in Cyprus as US offshore jetty completed

Aid for Gaza was being loaded onto a ship in Cyprus on Wednesday in what was expected to be the first cargo to be delivered using a US pier built to expedite supplies to the besieged enclave.

Containers were being stacked on the US flagged Sagamore, docked at the port of Larnaca. Some containers to the ship were labelled as aid from the United Arab Emirates.

Student protests against Israel's offensive in Gaza spread

Student protests against the Israeli military assault on Gaza following the unprecedented Oct. 7 attack by Hamas on Israel have spread to several countries.

Demonstrators have gathered on at least 40 U.S. university campuses since April 17, often erecting tent camps to protest against the soaring death toll in the Gaza Strip.

Hamas, Israel, entrench positions at Gaza truce talks

Talks to reach a Gaza truce were expected to resume Sunday after officials from the Hamas Islamist organisation and Israel publicly disagreed over demands to end their seven-month war.

While mediation took place in Egypt, the head of the U.N.'s World Food Programme said "there is famine" in northern Gaza, and appealed for a ceasefire.

The speaker needs to get a life

In the ever-deepening confoundment of the Palestinian-Israeli war, the protests now igniting on US college campuses offer little enlightenment other than to further testify to the extent to which this seemingly remote regional conflict is infiltrating much of American cultural and political life.