Anti-Israeli sentiment

Hamas to deliver response on Israeli truce proposal

A Hamas delegation is due to arrive Monday in Egypt, where it will respond to Israel's latest proposal for a long-sought hostage-release deal and truce in the Gaza Strip after almost seven months of war.

Egypt, Qatar and the United States have been trying to mediate an agreement between Israel and Hamas for months, as the death toll in Gaza rises and calls for a deal intensify.

What's happening at Columbia: Chaos for Gaza with clashes at other universities - Who are the protesters

Financial Times analysis - Hundreds of arrests - Student movement grows, reminiscent of the '68 anti-war protests over Vietnam - Leftists, LGBTI advocates, Hamas supporters, even Jews joined the movement

The US Condemns Houthis for Abducting Bulgarian Sailors

Barbara Leaf, the US Assistant Secretary of State for Middle East Affairs, criticized the Yemeni Houthis for their inhumane actions in capturing merchant ships, including the "Galaxy Leader", which holds two Bulgarian sailors. Leaf emphasized that such attacks on vessels unrelated to the Gaza conflict display recklessness and cruelty.

Israeli Military Intelligence Chief Resigns Amid Hamas Attack Fallout

The head of Israeli military intelligence, Aharon Haliva, has tendered his resignation following the failures surrounding the unprecedented attack by Hamas on October 7th last year, as reported by AP. The attack breached Israel's defenses, previously deemed impenetrable.