Texas church shooter was affiliated with extreme left-wing political party (VIDEO)


Really disturbing new details are surfacing about the Texas shooter Devin Patrick Kelley.

Apparently, not only he was an atheist, but according to his voter registration details he was also affiliated with Unite Against Fascism (UAF), an extreme left-wing political party closely related with Antifa.

"Fake News" is the Phrase of the Year

The term "fake news" is quite logically declared the phrase of the year by the British dictionary of English language Collins. Experts have reported that the use of the phrase has increased by as much as 365% in 2016, writes the Guardian. This is largely due to US President Donald Trump and the frequent use of the phrase by him.

Trump Signed a Resolution Condemning White Supremacists

US President Donald Trump signed a resolution condemning supporters of the theory that the white race is more evolved than the rest, reports CNN.

This happened as hours ago he once again said that there were "bad guys" amongst the counter-protestors against the nationalist demonstration in Charlottesville last month, the Associated Press reported.

Insane demands by Black Lives Matter leader to white people!

The United States has never been more divided in its recent history after Donald Trump was elected to office. The rhetoric often used by both political sides exceeds the extremes. Identity politics to advance one’s political views has become commonplace in debates across all media platforms, be it on TV or in print media via opinion pieces.