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Arab women living in Turkey form union

Arab women living in Turkey have established a union to help ensure that citizens live in harmony in Turkey and to find solutions to their social and economic problems. 

The Arab Women's Union announced its foundation in a statement on March 8 with the support of the Arab Cooperation Council and Arab communities' women's associations.

UAE halts visas to 13 countries including Turkey, Iran

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has suspended travel visas for nationals from 13 countries including some Arab nations, Turkey and Iran.

The decision took effect Nov. 18 and includes those from Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Kenya, Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria, Turkey, and Iran, according to a document issued by the Dubai Airport Freezone Authority.

Dendias to brief parties on UAE defence and foreign policy deal

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias will brief representatives of the opposition parties next Thursday on the recent defense and foreign policy cooperation agreement and the Joint Declaration of Strategic Partnership signed by Greece and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) last week.

The meeting is part of the regular briefing of parliamentary parties on current foreign policy issues.

Greece, UAE commit to mutual defense assistance

The mutual defense assistance clause, activated in the event that one of the two countries' territorial integrity is threatened, is probably the most important part of the defense and foreign policy cooperation agreement signed by Greece and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) last week, according to sources with inside information.

Israel And The United Arab Emirates Have Reached a Historic Agreement

Israel and UAE to establish full diplomatic ties, as Tel Aviv says deal will 'delay' annexation of Palestinian lands.

Israel and the United Arab Emirates have reached an agreement - brokered by the United States - to work towards a "full normalisation of relations", a deal the Palestinians called a "treacherous stab in the back".

Natural gas fields give Israel a regional political boost

A decade after discovering natural gas fields off its Mediterranean coast, Israel is starting to feel the geopolitical boost.

Its newfound riches have fostered economic bonds with its neighbors, tightening relations with Arab allies, and built new bridges in a historically hostile region - even without significant progress being made toward peace with the Palestinians.