Arbeit macht frei

Hungarian journalist Tweeets ‘F@ck you’ to AN.EL MP Kammenos

A Parliament deputy of the rightist-populist Independent Greeks (AN.EL) party, Dimitris Kammenos, received a tsunami of negative reaction over his post on Facebook, which depicts the infamous main gate of Auschwitz photoshopped to read “Menoume Evropi” (We’re staying in Europe) instead of the insanely cruel “Arbeit Macht Frei” (Work frees you), which greeted people as they were transported into

Independent Greeks distances itself from MP over Auschwitz photo

Coalition partner Independent Greeks distanced itself on Wednesday from one of its own MPs, Dimitris Kammenos (no relation to party leader and Defense Minister Panos Kammenos), who posted on his Facebook page a doctored photograph of the entrance to the Auschwitz concentration camp.