Without their mother, bear cubs Bradley and Cooper train for the wild

Just four months old, bear cubs Bradley and Cooper are still bottle-fed but they will soon have to forage into the Greek forest if they are to eat on their own.

The pair of orphaned cubs, rescued by the Arcturos sanctuary in northern Greece, will be trained to survive in the wild - and anything else their mother would have taught them.

Animal hospital ordered to shut

The Environment Ministry has ordered the closure of the Greek Wildlife Hospital on the Saronic island of Aegina, known by its acronym EKPAZ, following a series of inspections that established that the conditions in which the facility kept animals were "tragic." 

Poisoned bear cub found dead in Kastoria

A brown bear cub was found dead on Tuesday near the village of Aghia Kyriaki in Kastoria, northern Greece.

According to members of wildlife conservation group Arcturos who saw the animal, and Kastoria Forestry Department staff, the bear most likely died because it consumed poisoned bait as it showed no visible signs of injury.

Mitsos the bear dies

Mitsos, the oldest ward of the Arcturos society for the protection of the brown bear, has died, the organization announced on Wednesday.

Once a so-called dancing bear in the Peloponnesian town of Tripoli, Mitsos was seized in 1992 when he was about 3 years old and was the first bear to be inducted into Arcturos's protection program in Florina, northern Greece.

Bear killed by motorist near Kastoria

The Arcturos bear conservation society in northern Greece said Thursday that a young bear has been killed after being hit by a vehicle on the road between Kolokyntos and Mesopotamia, near the town of Kastoria.

Officials said the motorist drove off without alerting the authorities.

No more details were immediately available.