Armenia Boosts Military Arsenal with French CAESAR Howitzers Deal

France has finalized a deal to sell CAESAR self-propelled howitzers to Armenia, announced Paris's defense minister on Tuesday, according to Reuters. The contract details, including the number of systems Armenia will acquire, were not disclosed during the meeting between the relevant ministers.

Armenia returns four border villages to Azerbaijan

Armenia has returned to Azerbaijan four border villages it had seized decades ago, officials in Yerevan and Baku confirmed Friday, in a key step towards normalizing ties between the historic rivals.

The two countries in the Caucasus fought two wars in the 1990s and in 2020 for control of the breakaway region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Türkiye rejects Chilean resolution on 1915 events

Türkiye's Foreign Ministry has dismissed a resolution adopted by the Chamber of Deputies of Chile, the lower house of the country's bicameral congress, which recognized the 1915 events concerning Armenians as a "genocide" as null and void.

"Parliaments have no authority to interpret or pass judgment on history," the ministry said in a statement issued on April 25.

Armenia, Azerbaijan say have begun marking border

Azerbaijan and Armenia announced Tuesday they had started fixing their border, as part of normalization efforts between the arch foes that had been locked in a decades-long territorial conflict.

Last month, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan agreed to Baku's demand to return four frontier villages that were part of Azerbaijan when it was part of the Soviet Union.