Armenia–Azerbaijan border crisis

Armenia-Azerbaijan Tensions Spike: New Shelling Incident

Tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan have surged once again, with Armenia accusing Azerbaijan of a deadly attack that claimed the lives of two soldiers and left several others injured. This accusation follows a similar claim made by Baku just a day prior, alleging that one of its soldiers had been wounded in a separate incident.

Azerbaijan commission call for expulsion of French companies

An Azerbaijan parliamentary commission called Thursday for the expulsion of French companies from the oil-rich country, including energy giant TotalEnergies, in the latest deterioration of relations between Baku and Paris.

Azerbaijan has repeatedly hit out at France for criticising Baku's Karabakh offensive last year, and for plans by Paris officials to help arm neighbouring Armenia.

Azerbaijan tells Paris not to 'intervene' over Frenchman's arrest

Azerbaijan told France Wednesday not to "intervene" in its internal affairs after Baku arrested a Frenchman on espionage charges with tensions running high between the two countries.

Baku has accused France of supporting Azerbaijan's arch-enemy Armenia, both diplomatically and militarily, and of seeking to fuel tensions in the South Caucasus.

Türkiye hails Azerbaijan, Armenia normalization efforts

Türkiye has hailed a deal between arch-foes Armenia and Azerbaijan to swap prisoners of war and work toward normalizing ties torn by decades of strife over the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

Azerbaijan reclaimed the long-disputed enclave after a lightning offensive against Armenian separatists in September.

Blinken discusses peace talks with Armenia, Azerbaijan leaders

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken held calls with the Armenian and Azerbaijani leaders yesterday to discuss stalled peace talks between the Caucasus rivals.

Washington, Brussels and Moscow have all been engaged in diplomatic efforts to normalize relations between the two countries, but a broad peace deal has remained elusive.

30.000 VIDEO

On one of the roads leading to Armenia, the destination of those leaving, a column of hundreds of cars was formed, the BBC reports.
Azerbaijan says residents will be safe, but Armenia's prime minister claims "ethnic cleansing" has begun.
Nagorno-Karabakh, recognized as part of Azerbaijan, has been run by ethnic Armenians for three decades, according to the BBC.

The army is gathering at the border; "The situation is very explosive"

At the meeting of his cabinet, he described the situation as explosive.
In the past week, the military-political situation in our region has worsened. That's because Azerbaijan has been massing troops along the Nagorno-Karabakh separation line and the Armenia-Azerbaijan border in recent days.