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Russia is stepping up Cyber Attacks against Ukraine's European allies

Russia's cyber war against Ukraine has largely failed, and Moscow is increasingly targeting Kyiv's European allies, US and French analysts say.

French defense firm Thales said in a report that Russia is striking Poland, the Nordic and Baltic countries with an arsenal of cyber weapons aimed at sowing division and promoting anti-war messages.

Cyber war targets revealed: Russians "targeting" at least 17 European countries

French defense company Thales said in a report published today that Russia plans attack on Poland, the Nordic and Baltic countries with an arsenal of cyber weapons to create divisions and promote anti-war groups.
Earlier this month, Microsoft said Russian actors had launched attacks in at least 17 European countries in the first six weeks of this year.

Boosted by war, German arms maker joins DAX index

German arms manufacturer Rheinmetall joined Frankfurt's blue-chip DAX index yesterday, highlighting the improving fortunes of the country's weapons industry as the Ukraine war spurs demand.

In a country still haunted by Nazi atrocities during World War II, Germany's weapons manufacturers were far from the country's most celebrated firms.

The Weapons in Ukraine are the same as those Exported from Bulgaria

"Kintex has never exported weapons to Ukraine or Poland and the Czech Republic, which are believed to be transit points to Ukraine." This was said to Nova TV by the removed director of "Kintex" Alexander Mihailov.

"But the weapons we see being used in the fighting in Ukraine are the same ones being exported from Bulgaria," he said.

Turkey gears up for int'l defense industry fair in May

Turkey is preparing to host the International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF) in Istanbul in May.

Among the world's major defense industry fairs, the 15th IDEF will be held under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey and under the management and responsibility of Turkish Armed Forces Foundation between May 25-28.