Highway operators stand in the way of wind turbine installations

Investors in renewable energy sources are facing fresh obstacles at a time when the government is setting the development of the sector as a priority, with the Energy Ministry shifting its target regarding the share of RES in total energy production in 2030 from 31 percent, as provided for in the National Plan for Energy and the Climate, to 35 percent in the revised blueprint.

Brussels with a New Invitation to Municipalities to Apply for Free Wi-Fi

The European Commission will send a new invitation to apply for WiFi4EU vouchers to build wireless internet networks in public places, including mayoralties, public libraries, museums, parks and squares, on September 19 at 14:00 Bulgarian time. 

The call for applications opens on 19/09/2019 at 13:00 (CEST). You can apply until 20/09/2019 at 17:00 (Central European Summer Time).

100 billion liras wasted in breakfast menus

Food worth 100 billion Turkish Liras (approximately $17.6 billion) goes to waste per year in Turkey, due to the recent rising trend of large Turkish breakfast menus provided at the cafes, according to the Turkey Waste Prevention Foundation - a non-governmental initiative to ensure efficient and effective use of resources and prevention of waste.

Social security debtors need only apply to EFKA for settlement

The Labor Ministry has included a clause in the government's investment incentives bill, which is currently up for public consultation, aiming to convince thousands of Greeks with debts to social security funds to join a settlement program by September 30. The target is for at least 10 percent of the total 35 billion euros of contributions owed to enter a settlement mechanism.

World First Aid Day marked, as events planned for schools

Members of Greece's ambulance service (EKAV) provide free fist aid lessons to the public at downtown Syntagma Square in Athens. The event marked World First Aid Day on Saturday, in the presence of Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias, who said that similar events are being planned for schools across the country in cooperation with the Education Ministry.

Bulgarian Special Prosecutor's Office: Charges Brought Against 4 People for Organ Trafficking

Charges have been brought against four persons after the organ trafficking group has been dismantled, head of the Special Prosecutor's Office, Dimitar Petrov, told a press briefing on the operation, a Focus News Agency reporter said.