Greek NGO still fights food waste, malnutrition, bridging donors with charities in post-bailout

Eight years ago as debt-laden Greece was almost sinking into a humanitarian crisis, and soup kitchens started sprouting across the country, a group of friends joined forces to help bridge donors with charities to make the most of the wave of solidarity, fighting food waste and protecting the environment at the same time.

Sunny in the Morning but Clouds and Light Precipitation in Bulgaria Today

Broken clouds until noon today, in many regions to sunny spells. In the afternoon the cloud will increase and thicken from northeast, and in the evening in some places, mostly in the northeastern regions, one can expect light rainfall, in the mountains - snowfall.

"Poverty risk rate reduced in Serbia"

It was adopted by the Serbian government on December 27, 2018.

On this occasion it was pointed out that extreme forms of poverty in Serbia are almost eradicated and the poverty risk rate has been reduced, but that the results in this area, despite visible progress, are far from the desired ones, the government announced.

Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture Will Present The First Strategy For Digitalization of Agriculture

The Ministry of Agriculture will present the first strategy for the digitization of agriculture in Bulgaria, reported

By 2020, the European budget will allocate more than EUR 100 million to this end in the Community.