How Right-Wingers Thwarted a War Crime Commemoration in Bosnia

It commemorates the issuing of a decree in May 1992 by the wartime Bosnian Serb authorities in Prijedor, which was announced on Radio Prijedor, telling all non-Serbs to mark their houses with white flags or bedsheets and to wear white armbands when going outside - an incident that has become symbolic of the deadly campaign of persecution in the area at the time.

German town united by 400-year-old theater tradition

Walk around the German Alpine village of Oberammergau, and the chances are you'll run into Jesus or one of his 12 disciples.

Of the 5,500 people living there, 1,400, aged from three months to 85, are participating this year in the once-a-decade staging of an elaborate "Passion Play" depicting the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.