Sofia Mayor: There is Still Much to be Done About the Safety of Children on the Internet

,,There is still much to be done about the safety of children on the Internet.'' This is what the mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova said during the international conference "Building a cyber-resistant society, what can we do more about the safety of children and young people on the Internet?".
The event was organized by the Sofia Security Forum.

Passenger in Critical Condition after Abrupt Stop by a Public Transport Bus in Varna

A passenger on a public transport bus in Varna is seriously injured. The 82-year-old man has fallen to the floor after a sudden stop. The incident happened on April 17 in the afternoon.

The retiree has a skull fracture and brain trauma. He is placed in a hospital and there is danger to his life.

Cloudy Day with Rain in Many Places in Bulgaria, Highs between 12-17°C

Today is set to be quite cloudy with rainfall in many places. Air pressure, which already exceeds the average for the month, will further increase through the day. With some breaks, the rain is set to continue into the night. There will be light to moderate wind from north-northeast. Maximum temperatures between 12°C and 17°C, in Northeast Bulgaria 9-11°C, in Sofia around 12°C.

United, without ulterior motives

What did we witness in Paris, beyond the partial destruction of Notre Dame Cathedral? And what did we see behind the shocking image of the world heritage monument devastated by the blaze? Impressively, we saw a society standing shoulder to shoulder and united before an open wound suffered by a symbol of French and European culture.

Uber says taxi drivers use its application, disagrees with employers opposing right to choose

Officials of Uber Romania ridesharing company say they want a collaboration with the local taxi industry, given that many taxi drivers are already using the company's application, emphasising the consumer's right to choose from among various transport options. "We want to collaborate with the taxi industry as we do in other countries.

Norwegian firm eyes offshore wind parks

Norway's energy giant Equinor sees good potential for building floating offshore wind parks in Greece as long as the country adopts a regulatory framework for the technology.
Equinor, one of the world's largest oil and gas producers, operates Hywind park in Scotland, the world's first floating offshore wind park, and is struggling to find new renewables projects to invest in.