Kangler denies allegations of interference in police work

Ljubljana – The parliamentary commission investigating suspicion of political interference in the work of police interviewed Interior Ministry State Secretary Franc Kangler on Friday. Kangler denied during a four-hour session allegations about his unwarranted interfering in either the work of police or staffing decisions.

Bulgaria: Deputies and Experts discussed the Draft Law on Protection from Domestic Violence

Key issues raised during the public consultation on the draft law on amendments to the Domestic Violence Protection Act (DVPA) were discussed at the Ministry of Justice.

Representatives of all parties represented in parliament were invited to the working meeting in order to get acquainted with the outlined discussion issues on the bill, the Ministry of Justice announced.

Pressure Rises Within Montenegro’s Crumbling Govt for Early Polls

Montenegrin parliament session in Podgorica. Photo: Parliament of Montenegro

One of the Democratic Front leaders, Andrija Mandic, on Thursday said the current crisis should be solved within the ruling majority, warning that the opposition and former ruling Democratic Party of Socialists, DPS, shouldn't be allowed back into control.

Bulgarian Doctor: Pills cannot Win the Battle with the Pandemic

"The sad truth is that people who have died can't go out on the radio or on television and say, 'People, get vaccinated.' Only survivors or people who have not been infected yet come out. They are very few - people who are not infected or will not be infected." This by Dr. Stoyan Monev, a doctor in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Germany on the Bulgarian National Radio.