Return to normality will be gradual, says FinMin

"The Greek government is working with a plan, method and flexibility to lead the country out of the health crisis and to enter an orbit of high, sustainable, smart growth without any exclusions, laying the foundations for a future of prosperity, opportunities and possibilities for the next generations," Finance Minister Christos Staikouras said in Parliament on Friday.

Turkey, Serbia, Bosnia and Hungary Put Trust in Russian, Chinese Vaccines

A health worker prepares to vaccinate a colleague against COVID-19 with Sinovac's Coronavac vaccine at the Prof. Dr. Cemil Tascioglu City Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey, 14 January 2021. Photo: EPA-EFE/SEDAT SUNA

Some health experts have warned that the effectiveness of these vaccines is still not fully researched, and note that their delivery dates are also still uncertain.

EU will seek clarification from Pfizer over new vaccine delays

The European Commission will seek clarification from Pfizer over delays reported by EU countries for the delivery of Covid-19 vaccines next week, a spokesman for the EU executive said on Friday.

Pfizer and the Commission had earlier said that there would be no more slowdowns next week, after supplies were held up this week due to works at a Pfizer plant meant to ramp up production.

Gak: Video from the "Castle" kindergarten is authentic, responsible will be punished

He pointed out that he would demand the strictest punishment for the perpetrators of abuse and for the preschool institution.
Gak told RTS that the extraordinary control of the work of the kindergarten was partially carried out yesterday, which was interrupted due to the worsening of the health condition of the director of the kindergarten.