Kustec presenting presidency priorities in education to EU bodies

Ljubljana – Education Minister Simona Kustec has started her official presentations of the programme of Slovenia’s EU presidency in education, science, sport and youth policies to the European Commission and European Parliament, expressing among other things the intention for decisions on remote learning to be adopted.

Greek plan a hard sell to EU

The utilization of the loans Greece will receive via the Next Generation EU fund, amounting to 12.7 billion euros, for the financing of private investments is proving one of the hardest fields of negotiation for the approval of the Greek recovery plan, as talks are ongoing.

"We should refrain from placing the gallows on Aleksić before he is accused" VIDEO

"We are constantly surrounded by the media. Whether we like it or not, we cannot escape from that world. What we can do is regulate it, without violating human rights," Josifovic said, adding that the public must refrain from "setting the gallows before there is an accusation".