Gak: Video from the "Castle" kindergarten is authentic, responsible will be punished

He pointed out that he would demand the strictest punishment for the perpetrators of abuse and for the preschool institution.
Gak told RTS that the extraordinary control of the work of the kindergarten was partially carried out yesterday, which was interrupted due to the worsening of the health condition of the director of the kindergarten.

Military service extended by three months

Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos Thursday announced that the length of compulsory military service for those serving in the Hellenic Army was being extended to 12 months from nine months today.

The decision was reached during a meeting Thursday of the Council for Foreign Affairs and Defense (KYSEA) that was chaired by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Czech Republic extends state of emergency; France introduces mandatory PCR test

According to the website worldometers, so far 98.010.507 people have been infected with coronavirus in the world, 70.402.587 are considered cured, and 2.097.279 people have died as a result of this infection.
Currently, 25.510.641 cases are active, but only 111.745 of them, or 0.4 percent, are in a serious or critical condition.

US Push for Decentralisation May not Solve Bosnia’s Problems

In his current statements to the regional media, Serwer has presented some possible measures supposedly intended to reform the Dayton arrangement. His argumentation is based primarily on a call for more centralisation that would limit the powers of Bosnia's ethnically defined entities and cantons.

EUR 47m in budgetary funds to go for minimum wage increase

Ljubljana – Labour Minister Janez Cigler Kralj said on Thursday that helping employers cover part of the minimum wage raise would cost the state some EUR 47 million.

The proposal to that effect will be included in the eighth economic stimulus bill, which could be in parliament in the middle of next week, he told the press.