Bulgarian Parliament Adopts Law Recognizing Sign Language as Official Language

Proposed by the government, the law was adopted conclusively on Thursday to make what many consider a breakthrough in deaf people's rights. According to the new law, deaf people in Bulgaria are entitled to free translation services, the cultural and language identity of their community is recognized and an attitude of respect to them will be encouraged in the broader community.

ISIL claims responsibility for Baghdad's suicide attack

ISIL claimed responsibility early on Jan. 22 for Baghdad's suicide attack, via the group's Amaq news agency on its Telegram channel.

Two men blew themselves up in a crowded Baghdad market on Jan. 21, killing at least 32 people in Iraq's first big suicide bombing for three years, authorities said, describing it as a possible sign of the reactivation of the ISIL.

British strain of COVID-19 detected in 60 countries

The South African strain, which, like the British strain, is more contagious than other strains of coronavirus, has appeared in 23 countries, according to the WHO report, reports the Guardian.
The mass distribution of vaccines in the United States and Europe has brought hope that the end of the pandemic is in sight.

Twenty companies interested in investing in Slovenia

Ljubljana – The Economy Ministry has a list of 20 potential investors, foreign and domestic, who are considering investing in the country. They are planning ten major and just as many smaller investments. The ministry believes the pandemic could be an opportunity for Slovenia given its developed infrastructure and skilled labour.

Employers not backing govt proposal to subsidise minimum wage rise

Ljubljana – The Employers’ Association is not supporting the Labour Ministry’s proposal to partly cover the minimum wage rise for employers for a limited period of time since it thinks such a measure would offset less than 40% of the increase in labour costs. The organisation urges a better solution.