Contemporary Art Project | Paxos | To September 10

The Paxos Contemporary Art Project is showcasing artworks by eight international artists in public areas across the Ionian island, among them Ricky Lee Gordon, known for his mural paintings that can be seen in cities all around the world, and Yannis Pappas, who presented the Refugio performance at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale.

Istanbul Theater Festival to host 'Hamlet | Collage'

Organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, the 22nd edition of the Istanbul Theater Festival is getting ready to meet theatergoers in November. One of the highlights of the festival program will be the Canadian theater and film director Robert Lepage's "Hamlet | Collage," in which he reimagines Shakespeare's renowned tragedy.

Comedie-Francaise Screening | Athens | June 13

The French Institute will be screening a critically acclaimed production by the iconic Comedie-Francaise theater company of Moliere's classic "The Misanthrope," directed by Clement Hervieu-Leger and with sets designed by Eric Ruf, depicting a society free from parental and religious influence, whose social veneer peels away as soon as desire is aroused.

Frida Kahlo's family struggles to manage legacy

Sixty-three years after her death, Mexican artist Frida Kahlo has achieved a level of fame she never reached in her lifetime, her image emblazoned on mugs, T-shirts, keychains and even underwear. But scholars and the painter's descendants lament she has been reduced to a set of distinctive physical features that often overshadows her actual work.

Rachel Maclean | Athens | May 24

In partnership with the State of Concept gallery, the British Council presents a screening of Rachel Maclean's film "Feed Me," which explores the commercialization of childhood. The Glasgow-based multimedia artist will also talk about the project. The event takes place at the Benaki Museum's flagship venue, starting at 7 p.m.