Traditional arts alive on Şanlıurfa street

A street in Şanlıurfa, where historical stone houses have been restored and turned into workshops, has become a popular spot for local and foreign tourists visiting the historical southeastern city. The workshops on mosaic, wood carving and silver processing attract the attention of visitors in the street where colorful images emerge.

"Mona Lisa" Will Be Relocated Due to Louvre's Repair

The most famous painting in the world, Mona Lisa, will be relocated while the Louvre's salon in which she is exhibited is under repair, France Press Agency reported.

Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece will be transported less than 100 paces away to neighbouring Galerie Médicis on the night of July 16, said museum director Jean-Luc Martinez.

Picasso & Antiquity | Athens | June 20 - October 20

The powerful allure of the ancient Greek world for Spanish artist Pablo Picasso is the subject of the Museum of Cycladic Art's latest big exhibition, "Picasso and Antiquity: Line and Clay." The focus here is on Picasso's ceramic pieces inspired by ancient Greek theater and mythology, which are displayed next to ancient artifacts with similar themes in order to underscore the connection between

Xanthos mosaics unprotected

The mosaics in the ancient city of Xanthos in the southern province of Antalya's Kaş district, are now unprotected. The magnificent mosaics had a water-resistant geotextile barrier during the time of the former president of excavations. But as the barrier eroded, the mosaics are now exposed to the elements of nature.