Marisa Merz | Athens | To February 7

The Bernier/Eliades Gallery presents an exhibition of works by Italian Arte Povera pioneer Μarisa Merz, the movement's only female proponent, comprising paintings and sculptures that transform everyday materials like copper wire, clay and wax. Among the displays are many that featured in a retrospective on Merz at the Metropolitan Museum of New York last year.

African Island Inhabited by Super Aggressive Chimps Released From US Labs

THIS is the secret African island inhabited by super aggressive "monster'" chimps all freed from a US testing laboratory, writes the Sun.

The apes -who are infected with contagious diseases- were abandoned on the Liberian river island after being released by their captors.

Picture of Renoir Was Stolen in Brazen Theft Ahead of Auction in Vienna

A picture of French Impressionist Renoir was stolen from a Viennese auction house, the Austrian police reported. The painting worth about 160,000 euros. Today it has to be put on action. 

The picture is a landscape and has been taken off unnoticed by the wall where it was on display prior to the sale.

So far, there is no more information about the crime.