Bulgarian Agriculture Minister: There will be Personnel Changes in Food Safety Agency

There will undoubtedly be staffing and organizational changes in the Food Safety Agency, but we cannot make them at the peak of the African Swine Fever (ASF) infection when we need people on the sites, the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Desislava Taneva told BNT1 breakfast program on August 9 in connection with the check appointed by the Chief Prosecutor into the Food Safety Agency 

Authorities in Northern Macedonia Taking Preventative Measures Against ASF

African swine fever is also likely to occur in Northern Macedonia, local veterinarians warn. Authorities in the country are taking all measures to prevent infection.

Farm inspections will begin in the coming weeks, aiming to keep farmers aware of the signs of the disease.

ASF: New Protests in Bulgaria Planned Because of Compulsory Culling of Pigs

Owners of domestic pigs from the region of Parvomai will stage another protest against the order for the compulsory culling of "back yard" pigs as a step against the African Swine Fever outbreaks in the country. They plan to close the traffic on Haskovo-Svilengrad-Istanbul international road, reports BNT. 

Pig Farmers Demand National State of Emergency over African Swine Fever

Industrial pig farmers on August 2 called for declaring a state of emergency in the whole of Bulgaria due to the spread of African Swine Fever.

Supported by representatives of meat production, meat processing, and grain producers, they demanded even stricter measures to halt the spread of the virus, which is about to cause huge economic losses to the country.

First Case of African Swine Fever in Silistra, a Farm with 17,000 Animals Is Affected

The Bulgarian Food Safety Agency (BFSA) has established a new outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) at an industrial farm in the village of Popina, Sitovo municipality, Silistra district. The positive samples were laboratory confirmed today, July 30, 2019, by the National Reference Laboratory at the National Diagnostic Veterinary Research Institute in Sofia.

Greece Has Introduced Exceptional Protection Measures Against African Swine Fever

Greece has introduced a high level of border control with Bulgaria to prevent the spread of African swine fever.

The Agrarian Ministry, as well as all food control services, are paying close attention to the spread of African swine fever in Bulgaria and Romania.

State of Emergency Declared in Rousse District over African Swine Fever

State of emergency has been declared on July 23 on the territory of Bulgaria's Rousse District (northern Bulgaria) in relation to the spread of African swine fever after the infection has entered one of the largest pig farms in the area. The business is pushing for stricter measures and state help to counteract the problem.

First Industrial Farm Hit by African Swine Fever in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Food Safety Agency on Saturday confirmed the first outbreak of African swine fever in an industrial farm in the country.

A total of about 17,000 pigs are fattened in the farm, which is located in the village of Nikolovo near Danube River in Ruse Region, the agency said in a statement.