The noise and the truth

Participating in the public discourse requires courage nowadays. The toxicity and role of social media act as a deterrent to those who participate or want to participate in public life.

Others are afraid to enter the field, and others are afraid to speak up. The election result highlighted the problem, but also a truth. 

The absurdity of protecting science from the absurd

The theater of the absurd was back in Parliament the other day, when the government submitted a legal amendment seeking to protect the chair and members of the expert committee investigating the deadly train crash at Tempe from any form of prosecution or questioning about any opinions expressed during deliberations or about how they voted, unless they acted with malice.

Opening of the 48th Bulgarian Parliament (UPDATED)

The 48th National Assembly opens today with a solemn meeting. After the announcement of the election results on October 2, the current composition of the parliament includes 7 parties. The 240 people's elected representatives took an oath to respect the Constitution and to be guided by the interests of the people.

Decisions while facing uncertainty

"One critical limit of our mind is our excessive trust in what we believe we know and our apparent incapacity to acknowledge the spread of our ignorance and incertitude of the world we live in." Daniel Kahneman "Thinking fast and slow" (Free translation) Uncertainty! No need to explore this fact further.