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Supreme Court prosecutor orders investigation into organised crime in mykonos and cyclades islands, including lifting of phone privacy

Georgia Adilini, the prosecutor of the Supreme Court, has called for an investigation into organised crime activities on Mykonos, other Cyclades islands, and even in Athens and Thessaloniki.

French woman killed in sailing accident in Aegean 600 regatta

A 40-year-old French woman who was competing in the Aegean 600 regatta died in a sailing accident on Monday night off the coast of the island of Kasos.

According to preliminary reports on Tuesday, the woman was thrown into the water as gale-force winds whipped up swells as high as 2 meters in the area.

Inconvenience for passengers on a flight from Nice to Mykonos, could not land due to winds – Video and photos

Dozens of passengers on a EasyJet flight from Nice, France to Mykonos are suffering great inconvenience due to the inability of the aircraft to land at its destination because of strong winds. The aircraft operating the flight, which was already delayed for an hour and a half, failed to land at Mykonos airport, resulting in a return to Athens’ Eleftherios Venizelos airport.

Authorities investigate financial activities of murdered land surveyor

Anti-Money Laundering Authority is investigating the financial activities of the 54-year-old surveyor who was murdered in northern Athens on Tuesday, it was reported on Thursday. 

The authority is examining the victim's financial situation, looking for potential evidence that may lead to the perpetrator.

Uh-oh, those summer flights

Flight delays have become routine in recent years, not only in Greece, but also at the European level.

Last year, in the 43 countries belonging to the European Aviation Safety Agency (Eurocontrol), three in 10 flights arrived over 15 minutes late, while on average planes would depart 17.8 minutes later than scheduled.

Level of air traffic generates optimism at Athens Airport

A significant number of foreign airlines have been attracted this year to Athens Airport, which is estimated to break another passenger traffic record.

At the same time, from mid-July to the end of August, the number of aircraft arrivals and departures at Athens Airport peaks, exceeding 430 per day.

Aegean offers additional seats this summer

Aegean Airlines, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, is offering a greater number of available seats during the summer season of 2024, placing particular emphasis on further reducing seasonality.

As stated by Yannis Rasoglou, director of Network and Airline Partnerships, this summer the airline will have 13.4 million seats, up 6% from last year.