Dodik's Luxury Limo Stands Out in Bosnian Election

Among the many politicians driving around Bosnia in the campaign for the general elections on October 7, Milorad Dodik, Bosnian Serb president and candidate for the Serbian seat on Bosnia's state presidency is riding the costliest limo of all, according to a BIRN database of cars in government ownership.

Town declares day of mourning after drunk driver kills 4

Four workers returning home from a local factory died when their Audi collided with a Skoda that was, according to media reports, driven by a drunk driver.

Among the victims are brothers Milija and Petar Paunovic, aged 21 and 24. Ivana Jokovic (33) and Bojan Lazovic (24) also died, while two women suffered serious injuries.

Turkish Authorities have Destroyed a Channel for Luxury Cars from Bulgaria

A group of people who smuggled luxury cars from the Audi, BMW and Mercedes brands into Turkey illegally from Bulgaria was captured, the Kurdjali site 24 Rodopi reported, citing the Edirne and Turkish media prosecutors.

The vehicles are mainly from Bulgaria, but there are also Romanian ones. With a lawsuit, 99 cars are seized.