PM Ponta seeks external audit with Department for Emergency Situations

Prime Minister Victor Ponta announced on Wednesday that the Government will approve the first sanctions in the case of the crash of a medical emergency helicopter in Constanta County and that an external audit needs to be conducted with the Department for Emergency Situations regarding the skills of the people in the system and the procedures to be followed in such situations.

Forensic accountants fighting corruption

BELGRADE - Forensic accounting implies comprehensive investigation of criminal activities and integration of knowledge in accounting, auditing and investigation techniques, and deals with monitoring the business reality pertaining to events and environments, said the participants of the first international conference on fighting business fraud and corruption on Thursday.

KTB Director Accuses BNB Governor Of Lying

Ilian Zafirov, one of the suspended directors of the troubled Corporate Commercial Bank (KTB), accused Central Bank governor Ivan Iskrov of lying.

In an interview for the Nova TV Sunday breakfast show Zafirov, who, along with three other KTB directors, is charged with mismanagement, said Iskrov mispresented the proposal of the Oman State Fund, EPIC and Gemcorp to save the bank.

All Bulgarian Ministries to Undergo Audits by August 25

All ministries will be subject to audits in the period August 15-25 as part of a set of priority economic measures of Bulgaria's caretaker government.

According to a media statement of the Finance Ministry, the summary report containing the results of all inspections is to be ready by the end of August.