Bulgaria Parliament Elects Audit Office Deputy Heads

Goritsa Grancharova and Toshko Todorov are the new deputy heads of the National Audit Office of Bulgaria followig a Thursday vote in the National Assembly.

Their candidacies were put forward by the new Chair of the national auditing body, Tsvetan Tsvetkov, whose candidacy was approved by Parliament in end-March.

Forensic accountants fighting corruption

BELGRADE - Forensic accounting implies comprehensive investigation of criminal activities and integration of knowledge in accounting, auditing and investigation techniques, and deals with monitoring the business reality pertaining to events and environments, said the participants of the first international conference on fighting business fraud and corruption on Thursday.

Bulgaria to Select Certifying Authority for Rural Development Program by Direct Agreement

Bulgaria's Agriculture Ministry will select a certifying authority for the Rural Development Program through a procedure by direct agreement in a bid to save time.

Bulgaria's caretaker government approved the measure on Wednesday, according to reports of