2024 will show the way we’re headed

The past year showed that the future of humanity is in the hands of the voters of democratic countries. This year will show which way we are headed. We know how autocratic regimes behave and what their aims are. The great challenges of our time demand virtues that only the voters of free nations can appreciate and choose.

Kiril Petkov: The Disinformation of Kremlin is a huge problem for the whole of Europe

"The Kremlin's disinformation and interference in the internal affairs of Eastern European countries is a huge problem for all of Europe. Attempts at destabilization are made by activating local politicians and strengthening autocracy at the expense of democracy. All this is done with a single goal - to make Ukraine's victory more difficult and Europe to weaken".

Democracy and growth

Singapore celebrated the semi-centennial of its independence over the weekend. Under the leadership of its founder, Lee Kuan Yew, who passed away in March, it rose from being a poor country with no resources to one of the wealthiest and most developed states in the world.