Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija

Kosovo Serb Minister’s Sacking Unlikely Despite ‘Kristallnacht’ Accusation

Responding to calls to dismiss a Kosovo Serb government minister, Goran Rakic, head of the Belgrade-backed Srpska Lista party, after his controversial statements, Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti on Thursday said sacking him would not help anything.

"The issue is not Rakic. Dismissal would turn him into an issue," Kurti said on Thursday, ahead of municipal elections due on Sunday.

Spy "maze" in Kosovo and Metohija: Group working against Serbs and in favor of Kurti?

Namely, according to the media, that group sends exclusively reports to its headquarters, which are negatively intoned towards Serbs and the north of Kosovo. Such intelligence is also used as a cover for approving the actions of the Prime Minister of self-proclaimed Kosovo, Albin Kurti, through special units in the north of Kosovo.

Fear and uncertainty among Serbs; United States: "We are worried"

At least 10 Serbs were injured during the police operation, two of whom were detained for hospital treatment. Sreko Sofronijevi was shot in the back and operated on. His condition is stable and he is in intensive care. Kosovo police point out that the action is directed against the alleged smuggling of goods.

Kosovo Police Clash With Serbs in Anti-Smuggling Crackdown

Kosovo Police clashed with Kosovo Serb protesters in the divided northern town of Mitrovica on Wednesday as they conducted an operation against the smuggling of goods in the town.

Kosovo Serbs threw different explosive devices at the police and put up blockades of trucks on roads close to the technical high school in Serb-run North Mitrovica.

Shock bombs, explosions and sirens in Kosovska Mitrovica VIDEO / PHOTO

According to a reporter from Kosovo Online, the Kosovo police who came from South Mitrovica broke into one of the city pharmacies to check Kosovo's customs papers.
After that, the people gathered, expressing dissatisfaction with the mentioned operation, and the situation escalated when the Kosovo police started throwing shock bombs and tear gas.