Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija

Thaci already "written off"?

According to "Blic" report, carried by Tanjug, it does not mean that the deadline will not be extended as many times before, but the "Kosovo issue" is being pushed in that direction. Hashim Thaci's party is worse off than ever, and if the West plays to other options, negotiations over the fate of Kosovo and Metohija could change drastically, according to "Blic".

Serbia’s SNS Leaves Nothing to Chance in Ethnically-Mixed South

"These elections are of national importance," he said.

With just 6,602 voters, Medvedja should be a backwater. But its importance lies in its proximity to the former Serbian province of Kosovo and its role in an ethnic Albanian guerrilla insurgency in southern Serbia in 2000-2001.

Kosovo Faces Challenge in Reintegrating Families of ISIS Fighters

Most of the children joined their Kosovar families. Yvejs and his sister, however, were separated from two younger half-sisters. Fatime and Yvejs were taken in by their uncle in the northern town of Mitrovica, while the two younger girls, Isra and Alsa, joined their father's parents in a village near the central Kosovo town of Ferizaj/Urosevac.

"No representative of any foreign state will be able to enter Kosovo, Vucic included"

As web portal Kosovo online reports, such reactions of the officials from Pristina were provoked as certain representatives of Belgrade authorities had announced that they will visit Kosovo in the course of pre-election campaign for the parliamentary elections to be held on October 6, Radio Free Europe reports.