Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija

Kosovo Court Struggles to Contact Ivanovic Murder Trial Witnesses

Valon Kurtaj, head of the judging panel in the trial of defendants accused of involvement in the 2018 assassination of Kosovo Serb political party leader Oliver Ivanovic, told Pristina Basic Court on Tuesday that the court is facing a series of difficulties in contacting witnesses who live in Serb-majority parts of Kosovo and in Serbia itself.

Kosovo Families Face Losing Homes in Post-War Legal Shambles

From the post-war period in 2000 until Kosovo's declaration of independence in 2008, Kosovo was run by the UN's interim administration, UNMIK, which together with domestic political leaders attempted to create institutions that would be able to implement a newly-established legal framework for the country.

US Imposes Sanctions on Controversial Kosovo Serb Businessman

The US Treasury Office's of Foreign Assets Control, OFAC, said on Wednesday that it has imposed sanctions on a controversial Serbian businessmen from Kosovo, Zvonko Veselinovic, for being "one of Kosovo's most notorious corrupt figures".

The OFAC marked Veselinovic as an "organized crime group leader".

Serbia Strengthening ‘Parallel Structures’, Kosovo Deputy PM Says

"The final agreement should be centred on mutual recognition," Bislimi, who is Prime Minister Albin Kurti's person in charge of the dialogue, added.

'Nothing is happening'

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti (second left) and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic (right) meet for the first time in Brussels, June 15, 2021. Photo: Josep Borrell/Twitter. 

Flags of the KLA and Albania hoisted in Kosovska Mitrovica PHOTO

This was announced by the Office for Kosovo and Metohija of the Government of Serbia.
The statement points out that this is a "deliberate, dangerous provocation aimed at provoking an unbalanced reaction of the Serbian people in the north of the province, who suffered severely at the hands of KLA terrorists."