Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija

Cover-Up Claims Shadow Unsolved Murder of Kosovo Serb Politician

Three years ago, on January 16, when unknown perpetrators fired six bullets into the body of Kosovo Serb opposition party leader Oliver Ivanovic in front of his office in the town of Mitrovica, people in Serbia and Kosovo were stunned, while Western diplomats feared that the murder of another politician in the Balkans could end the fragile dialogue to normalise relations between Belgrade and Pr

Kosovo State Radio Accused of Censorship and Discrimination

Kosovo-based human rights and transitional justice NGO Integra accused public broadcaster Radio on Wednesday of censoring its radio drama series 'Living with the Memories of the Missing' after an episode told the story of a Serb woman whose husband disappeared as a result of the 1990s conflict.

Kosovo Protests ‘Illegal’ Arrival of COVID-19 Vaccines in North

The prosecution in Kosovo said it was investigating how COVID-19 vaccines had reached the Serb-run north of the country from Serbia without the knowledge of the country's own institutions, the Chief Prosecutor in the municipality of Mitrovica, Shyqyri Syla, told BIRN on Monday.

Kosovo Opera and Ballet Law Dances Around Hall Issue

A fresh draft Law on the Kosovo Philharmonic, Opera and Ballet, provided to BIRN by an official of the Ministry of Culture - aimed at amending the previous law passed by the UN rule-of-law mission in Kosovo, UNMIK - fails to resolve the key issue - the lack of a dedicated concert and performance hall.

Last Despatches: News Team Killed the Day After Kosovo War Ended

It was June 13, 1999, and Uli Reinhardt, a photojournalist from the German news magazine Stern was due to meet his colleague Gabriel Gruener at 6pm in the southern Kosovo city of Prizren.

But Gruener would never arrive for the meeting, and could not be contacted by mobile phone because Kosovo's telecommunications system had been damaged in the war.