Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija

Kosovo Liberation Army Ex-Guerrilla Convicted of War Crime

The court in Prizren on Wednesday sentenced Remzi Shala, a former Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA unit commander known during wartime as 'The Red Apple', to 14 years in prison for committing a war crime.

Shala was convicted of the kidnapping of Haxhi Perteshi from Duhel, a village in the Suhareka/Suva Reka area in 1998. Days after he was seized, Perteshi was found dead.

In the recent couple of days, Prishtina raised indictments against fifty Serbs

"That is why this indictment does not present personal assault but an assault on the Serbs in general, primarily in the north of Kosovo and Metohija", Ivan Todosijevic, member of the Serb List leadership says, commenting on the indictment that Prishtina authorities had raised against him as a consequence of his denying Racak massacre.

Kosovo Has Wiped All Memory of Non-violent Resistance

Gene Sharp, author of many publications on civil resistance, has classified non-violent methods of action into three types: first, "non-violent protests" involving symbolic acts of opposition, to show that those who resist are both against and for something; second, "non-cooperation methods", which refer to social, economic and political forms of non-cooperation; and, third, "non-violent interf

Albanian-Serbian Online Dictionary Project Launched in Kosovo

The International Organisation for Migration launched the project to produce a 20,000-word Albanian-Serbian online dictionary in Pristina on Monday, aimed at helping the country's ethnic Albanians and Serbs communicate better.

The IOM plans to complete the Albanian-Serbian online dictionary project, believed to be the first of its kind, by September 2019.

Serbs Deserve Pity for their PM’s Racist Slurs

These beautiful creatures bathe their gorgeous bodies in rivers, protect honest people, but become merciless when they decide to punish injustice. (As far as I know Serbs have their own version of the Zana, the Vila). I have always been impressed by the fact that a strong patriarchal culture, like that in the Balkans, crafted fairy tales with strong women as protagonists.