Autonomous Republic of Crimea

NATO enters the conflict?

Antonov wrote on Telegram that there is no necessary infrastructure to operate those fighter jets in Ukraine, and that there is no required number of pilots and personnel to maintain the aircraft, Reuters reported.
Antonov also warned that any Ukrainian attack on Crimea would be considered an attack on Russia.

Russian official: Drone causes fire at Crimea oil reservoir

A massive fire erupted at an oil reservoir in Crimea after it was hit by a drone, a Russia-appointed official there reported Saturday.

Mikhail Razvozhayev, the Moscow-installed governor of the Black Sea peninsula's port city of Sevastopol, posted videos and photos of the blaze on his Telegram channel.

"We changed history by sinking Moscow missile cruiser"

He added that the sunken Russian flagship will one day become a popular spot for divers.
"One year ago, the naval forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine changed history. The missile cruiser Moscow, the 'Russian warship' flagship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, was hit by a well-aimed strike from a Ukrainian Neptune missile and sank the next day," said Reznikov.