The Tragedy in Borovets: For a Photo Greek Tourists Triggered the Avalanche Leaving One Dead

In a harrowing turn of events, a group of Greek tourists sparked a fatal avalanche in Borovets, Bulgaria, while venturing off-track for a photo opportunity. The Mountain Rescue Service (MRS) revealed that the incident, which occurred in an area known for avalanche risks, resulted in the loss of one life and left others in peril.

Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Issues Urgent Warning on Avalanche Risks

The Bulgarian Mountain Rescue Service is sounding the alarm over potential avalanche hazards in the country's mountainous regions in the coming days. Despite favorable conditions for hiking in lower elevations, the rescue service emphasizes the heightened risk in areas with significant snow cover.

Five injured in an avalanche

Five mountaineers were swept by an avalanche while climbing a 2,332-metre peak in the north-west of the country on 9 April in bad weather conditions. No one was killed but three of them sustained serious injuries and had to be airlifted to hospital.

‘Climate change leading to extreme weather events in Türkiye’

The climate changes caused by the decrease in water resources, pollution and destruction of nature are causing many extreme weather events, which have increased at record levels in the last eight years nationwide, according to meteorological reports.

The extreme weather events broke records in all years after 2015 and have been increasing since 2018 in Türkiye, reports say.