World’s biggest planes meet at Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport has witnessed a historical moment while hosting the world's two biggest planes, an airliner and a cargo plane, at the same time on Oct. 5.
"World's biggest cargo plane named 'Mriya' and world's biggest airliner, an Airbus A380 type jumbo jet, could be screened at the same photo-shoot in a rare event," airport officials said.

Taiwan rebukes China over record fighter jet incursion

Taiwan accused Beijing of bullying and damaging regional peace on Oct. 2 after Chinese fighter jets and bombers made their largest ever incursion into the island's air defence zone.

Beijing marked its National Day on Friday with its biggest aerial show of force against Taiwan to date, buzzing the self-ruled democratic island with 38 warplanes, including nuclear-capable H-6 bombers.

Turkish, Finnish flag carriers sign codeshare deal

Flag carriers of Turkey and Finland have signed a codeshare agreement to expand destinations in networks of both Turkish Airlines and Finnair.

Set to begin on Sept. 29, the deal on flights between Istanbul and Helsinki and beyond will open up new destinations for travelers, Turkish Airlines said in a statement on Sept. 23.