Bulgaria, Azerbaijan Mull Boosting Ties between Parliaments

Bulgaria and Azerbaijan have discussed options for a more intense activity of friendship groups in their respective legislatures.

At a meeting between Parliament Speaker Tsetska Tsacheva and Azerbaijan's Ambassador to Bulgaria Emil Karimov, the former put emphasis on the role of reciprocal visits of MPs in developing interparliamentary ties, according to Azernews.

Azerbaijan devalues currency by almost 50 percent

The Azerbaijani Central Bank devalued its currency by almost 50 percent on Dec. 21 due to global economic weakness and falling oil prices, according to a statement issued by the bank.

The Central Bank decided to devalue the manat by 47.63 percent to 1.55 manats per dollar and 1.68 manats per euro, which corresponds to a devaluation of 47.88 percent, said the statement.

Azerbaijan mourns 'many deaths' after oil rig fire

Azerbaijan was on Dec. 6 searching for 29 missing oil workers after a storm caused their offshore oil rig to catch fire, as the president ordered a day of mourning.

A fire broke out on the rig in the Caspian following a storm on Dec. 4 "leading to many deaths," said a statement on the official website of President Ilham Aliyev.