Democracy Digest: Vaccine Approval Can’t Come Soon Enough for Region

The Czech Republic is ready to begin its vaccination program as soon as that EU approval is complete, and the first doses should be made available during the Christmas holidays, Health Minister Jan Blatny boasted on Wednesday. Unfortunately, however, those doses will number no more than 10,000.

Czech President’s Spy Games

This is an unprecedented move by Zeman. First of all, operational security demands a very high level of 'need to know' and compartmentalisation within counter-intelligence work. The identities of surveillance targets, the sources and methods used to monitor and expose them, and even their apparent missions are treated as extremely confidential.

The fall of a realty leader

Wednesday's news of former businessman Babis Vovos' arrest over unpaid debts seemed ironic as it coincided with the activation of the law concerning the double rehabilitation project for the areas of Votanikos and Ambelokipi in Athens.

EU Recovery Plan Splits CEE, Raises Absorption Capacity Questions

Leaders of the four are due to discuss the issue at a meeting on June 11. But experts and officials are sceptical they will bridge their differences.

"We don't expect to see a strong unified front as we did during the migrant crisis," said Vit Havelka, an analyst at the Prague-based Europeum think tank.

Greek PM seeks ‘safe corridor’ for tourism with seven countries

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Thursday has proposed the creation of a "safe corridor" that will allow travel between countries which have successfully contained their coronavirus outbreaks in a bid to revive tourism, which came grinding to a halt in March following widespread lockdowns and travel bans.

Democracy Digest: Red Flags and Respirators

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Czechs Fear Autocratic Contagion

Analysts say such displays hint at a geopolitical realignment taking place in parts of Central and Southeast Europe as the pandemic prompts some governments to pivot away from Brussels and towards more authoritarian allies to the east.