Greece limits foreclosure protection after financial crisis

Lawmakers in Greece have begun debating tougher regulations to deal with household insolvency after the financial crisis left nearly half of mortgages and commercial loans non-performing or in distress.
The debate started Wednesday at a parliamentary committee despite failure by the government so far to finalize an agreement with bailout creditors on details of the new regulations.

What exit?

Has Greece made a clean exit from the bailout program, or not? Is the country done with the so-called memorandum, or is the austerity program agreed with our international lenders continuing by other means?

Experts forecast no further pressure from creditors on Greece after Brussels' warning

Greece's creditors urged Athens on Wednesday to speed up the agreed reforms, otherwise it may miss out on measures adding up to 1 billion euros. Meanwhile, experts told Xinhua it is unlikely that pressure on Greece will increase this year.