Balkan countries

Balkan Region’s Media Pluralism Stagnated in Pandemic, Report Warns

Balkan countries have experienced a general stagnation or deterioration in terms of media pluralism and media freedoms during 2020, shows a new study, "Media Pluralism Monitor 2021", published by the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom at the European University Institute.

Kosovo PM Albin Kurti: ‘We would welcome a decision to recognise Kosovo’s independence’

Interview by Angelos Al. Athanasopoulos

Greece's recognition of Kosovo's independence would be a proof that Athens is ready to play a leading regional role in the Balkans, says Kosovo's Prime Minister Albin Kurti in an exclusive interview with To Vima.

Vučić from Brussels: "I don't know what we are going to do" VIDEO

"I thought it was impossible to have a worse meeting than the previous one, but today I was convinced that it was possible. We received EU proposals that were harmonized with our main negotiators. Serbia also fully agreed with what the EU proposed," Vucic said initially and added:

Serbia will not have to give up Kosovo for the sake of joining the EU?

He expressed confidence that Belgrade would not have to give up Kosovo for membership in the Union, and that no candidate country was asked to do anything similar.
"Do you know of a case of a candidate country that had to do something similar to become an EU member?" Selakovic asked.