Balkan countries

Successor scheme for primary residence protection to be tabled Friday, report says

Greece's leftist administration is expected to table a measure on primary residence protection to succeed the so-called Katseli law on Friday on the basis of an agreement between the government and banks, government sources told state-run Athens-Macedonian news agency (ANA-MPA) on Wednesday.

Three years on, what’s become of the EU-Turkey migration deal?

In March 2016, European governments breathed a sigh of relief as the European Union reached a deal with Turkey designed to stop hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants heading into the heart of Europe. For many of those who had fled war, hunger and poverty hoping for a bright future on the continent, the deal shattered their dreams.

North Macedonia denies plan to exchange statues with Greece

North Macedonia's MIA state news agency has denied reports in the Greek press that caused an uproar in Greece about a culture ministry plan to exchange the famed Dromeas (runner) sculpture of Kostas Varotsos for an statue of Alexander the Great from North Macedonia.

The statue currently stands near the Hilton hotel in central Athens and is known internationally.