As of this morning, Serbia is ahead of the United States of America PHOTO

When it comes to the number of revaccinations, Serbia is the first in Europe and the fourth in the world, has learned.
For the sake of comparison, Serbia has more revaccinated citizens in absolute numbers than Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia and Albania.

Bulgaria’s President: Discrimination against Ethnic Bulgarians in North Macedonia Must Be Done with

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev has called on the responsible institutions in Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia to respond promptly to alerts about significant issues confronting Bulgarians in North Macedonia, the Head of State's Press Secretariat said on Monday.

Kosovo Serbs Accused of Fixing Bosniak, Roma Election Results

Some political representatives of the Roma and Bosniak communities in Kosovo as well as civil society organisations have claimed that the seats their representatives obtained in Kosovo's parliament in the February elections were essentially arranged by the Belgrade-backed Kosovo Serb party, Srpska Lista.