Djukanovic introduces a state of emergency?

The announcement by Montenegrin President and DPS opposition leader Milo Djukanovic that if Metropolitan Joanikije's enthronement is not removed from Cetinje, he will join the protest against the act is an additional problem for the police on how to secure a rally attended by the country's first man, a protected statesman, Pobjeda reports.

Vučić: "If the Albanians decide to launch an offensive, we won't hesitate" VIDEO

European perspective of Serbia, our tasks, but also about the situation in Southeast Europe was being discussed.
"We have fulfilled the promise that we will raise the level of compliance with the foreign policy decisions of the European Union, from 46.28 we have raised it to over 62 percent," Vucic said.

Janša and Mitsotakis talk Afghanistan, Western Balkans

Bled – Prime Minister Janez Janša met in Bled on Tuesday evening his Greek counterpart Kyriakos Mitsotakis to talk about the situation in Afghanistan and related migration challenges. They also discussed the situation in the Western Balkans and called for the commitments given to the region at the EU summit in Thessaloniki to be met.

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Vučić's address from Slovenia: "Angela Merkel is coming to Serbia"

After dinner with Rama and Zaev, Vui told the citizens of Serbia that the Open Balkans cannot be stopped because no one can find fault with it.
"These 17 squares in which we are now present the territory of Serbia. We are talking about the Open Balkans, about many initiatives, about how our citizens can live better," said Vucic.

Vučić arrived in Slovenia; "Bled Forum in the shadow of the Open Balkans" PHOTO

He will be the only politician from the region to speak at a panel dedicated to the future of Europe, together with the leaders of the European Union.
However, before participating in the forum, he met with Edi Rama and Zoran Zaev, and he shared that on his Instagram profile.
"Bled Forum in the shadow of the Open Balkans! Welcome dear friends," Vucic wrote.

Zorčič strengthening bilateral relations in Serbia

Belgrade – Parliamentary Speaker Igor Zorčič is wrapping up a two-day official visit to Serbia during which he met senior Serbian officials. In a statement for the STA, he labelled relations between Slovenia and Serbia as very good in all fields of cooperation – from business to culture and politics.

World leader revisiting Balkans PHOTO

This visit is more personal than business visit.
Erdogan paid a visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina on the day of the marriage of Bakir Izetbegovic's daughter.


Immediately upon his arrival in Sarajevo, Erdogan went to the grave of the Bosniak leader Alija Izetbegovi, at the Kovai cemetery.