Bulgaria’s Caretaker Foreign Minister Participates in Berlin Process Video Summit

"The European perspective continues to be a major driver of change in the Western Balkan countries and young people and the civil society in these countries play a key  role in this process," said caretaker Foreign Minister Svetlan Stoev on Tuesday.

Bosnian Families Hope Grave Discovery Will End Search for Bodies

At the exhumation were diggers and personnel from the Missing Persons Institute and the prosecution, as well as State Investigation and Protection Agency investigators and labourers who were digging up the hidden grave. They announced as Vranovic and BIRN's reporter arrived that they had just found a fourth skull.

Bosnian Far-Right Movement Weds Bosniak Nationalism, Neo-Nazism

As a minor, Emir was drawn to the hardline Bosniak nationalism of the Bosnian Movement of National Pride, BPNP. But he hoped the anti-Semitism and fascism would not be too visible, not to draw the attention of the authorities.

"I knew there was Nazism," he said, claiming to have since left the group. "I hoped it would not be on display so much."

Migrants’ Road Through Romania – “Poor Peoples’ Route”

Inside an abandoned house, onions sizzle as mother-of-four Seror struggles to cook an Iraqi specialty over an open fire, trying to maintain an illusion of home for her loved ones.

The Alhayani family are among hundreds of people from the Middle East, Africa and Asia sheltering in derelict houses in Serbian villages close to the Hungary and Romania borders.