Mail-in ballot bill aims at reducing high voter abstention rate

The mail-in ballot will be used for the first time in Greece at the European Parliament elections in June, after its vote in parliament, the government said.

The relevant bill by the Interior Ministry has been posted for public consultation until January 10, and will be tabled in parliament shortly after.

Countdown begins for local polls as election calendar kicks in

As the new year dawns, Türkiye sets its sights on the forthcoming local polls scheduled for March 31, with the process kicking off with the initiation of the election calendar.

The address-based population registration system, known as MERNİS, ceased receiving and updating data yesterday.

How Many People Voted with Machines and with Paper in Sofia's Mayoral Elections

In the decisive runoff for Sofia's mayoral seat, the battle wasn't just between candidates Vasil Terziev and Vanya Grigorova; it extended to the method voters preferred - traditional ballots or electronic machines. A noteworthy 291,000 voters embraced the efficiency of technology, opting for machine voting, while 146,000 adhered to the familiarity of paper ballots.

Local Elections in Bulgaria: Voter Turnout as of 11:00 am is at 12.3%

Voter turnout for the whole country as of 11:00 am is at 12.3%, Central Election Commission Spokesperson Rositsa Mateva said at a briefing Saturday at 11:30 am. 

The lowest turnout is registered in Plovdiv - 7.25%, and the highest in Bolyarovo Municipality (Southeastern Bulgaria) - 33.94%.

Over 54 mln dropped votes in nearly 200,000 ballot boxes

More than 54 million people on May 14 dropped their votes in over 197,000 ballot boxes set up across the country for the presidential runoff elections.

Though the voting process ended at 5 p.m., citizens waiting to cast ballots at polling booths during the deadline voted in turns under the supervision of attendants.

Voting ends in overseas representations

Voting ended at the diplomatic missions abroad on May 24 for the presidential election runoff, slated for May 28 at home, while citizens abroad can still cast their votes at border gates.

The Supreme Election Council (YSK) has reinstalled ballot boxes at 167 points in 151 representative offices across 73 countries for the runoff election.