Ballot measures

Govt declares referendum on military investment inadmissible

Ljubljana – The government adopted a draft decree at a correspondence session on Monday saying that a referendum on the changes to the 2021 and 2022 budgets implementation act to allow for long-term financing of investments in the Slovenian Armed Forces would be inadmissible.

Initiatives for referendum on water act changes gain momentum

Ljubljana- Two initiatives to put recently passed changes to the water act to a referendum have collected over 9,000 and 33,000 signatures, respectively, more than enough for the proposals to move to the next stage of proceedings. The motions were tabled in parliament today, both groups of NGOs said on Tuesday.

Left starts collecting signatures for anti-military investment referendum

Ljubljana – The opposition Left launched on Saturday a campaign to collect signatures for a referendum that would block EUR 780 military investments after the parliament adopted changes bypassing the Constitutional Court decision to stay the legislation allowing for the investments.

Opposition collects 28,000 signatures in support of army investment referendum

Ljubljana – The opposition Left and Social democrats (SD) filed more than 28,000 signatures to the National Assembly in support of a referendum on EUR 780 million in additional defence spending planned for 2021-2026, which is more than enough to start a referendum procedure. Now they will seek to collect 40,000 verified signatures to call a referendum.

Media Packages Of Up To BGN 40,000 To Cover Campaigns On National TVs, Radios Only

Initiative committees, parties and coalitions which do not receive a state subsidy and, by law, have the right to media packages of up to BGN 40,000 for "for" and "against" campaigns for the presidential elections and the referendum on November 6 can cover their participation in national TV stations and radios only.