Baltic Sea

Berlin declines to comment on Greek plans for 'floating fence'

The German government has only heard from reports of the Greek government's plans for a floating fence to secure its maritime borders against migration and does not wish to make any comment, German government spokesperson Steffen Seibert said on Friday.

Seibert pointed to a statement by the European Commission on this issue, noting that it came under its purview.

Merkel, Macron slam door in face of Europeans between Aegean and Adriatic

It is 15 years since the EU took in eight new European nations all formerly occupied by the Red Army and in effect colonies of the former Soviet imperium. Of all the enlargements of the European Community, now Union, since the first one in 1973 to take in Britain, Denmark and Ireland, the transformation of the eight central and east European states is without historical precedent.

North Stream 2 Filed a Third Request For a Building Permit From Denmark

Denmark slows construction, undermining investor confidence, reported NOVA TV. 

The Nord Stream-2 developer has asked Denmark for a third permit for the construction of the pipeline.

The third application has been applied to the environmental impact assessment. It covers a route that is entirely in the Danish exclusive economic zone south of the island of Bornholm.

Huge Russian torpedo found on beach in Lithuania! (PHOTOS)

A four-metre long (12-foot) Russia-made torpedo was found on the Curonian Spit on the Baltic Sea coast, near the border with the Russian Federation.

The torpedo found, according to the estimates of the border guards, is a training torpedo. It is painted in green and red colors, has inscriptions in Russian.

Amazing bridge turns from road to tunnel connecting Denmark to Sweden (pics)

This can be without doubt called an ‘engineering miracle’. Denmark and Sweden are divided by the Baltic Sea, but this posed no posed no problem for the ingenious engineers of the Oresung bridge. They managed to connect the Danish capital of Copenhagen to the Swedish city of Malmo via a roadway that turns into a bridge! Danish architect George K. S.

Sweden to Remilitarise Baltic Island in Response to Russian Activity

Sweden plans to station troops on the strategic Baltic island of Gotland, as Russia has increased its military activity in the region.

Permanent military presence has been absent from Gotland, which is Sweden's largest island, for a period of ten years, the Financial Times reports.

Baltic Region Countries Report 'Unprecedented' Russian Military Activities In Area

Poland and Finland reported "unprecedented" Russian naval and air force activities in the Baltic Sea region this week.

Poland's Defence Minister Tomasz Siemoniak, quoted by the BBC, said most of the activity was in international waters and airspace and Sweden was the country most affected.