Economics Paradox: Bulgaria Imports More Tomatoes Than Bananas

Analysis, comparison and mirror data differences in foreign trade are the basis for an approach necessary for recovery, sustainability and development. The figures for exports, imports and balance of commodity exchange and trade in services y/y compared to those of neighbours, for example, are a key indicator. Looking carefully at the mirror difference between national data, e.g.

Swiss-Indian joint agri-food venture invests in Turkey

Pioneering Ventures, a Swiss-Indian food and technology platform company, is entering the Turkish market with its subsidiary DistriCo Anatolia.

Adopting technology-based agriculture such as hydroponic farming and smart greenhouses, the company's newly-established affiliate DistriCo Anatolia will introduce its flagship brand Happy Bananas to Turkey.

The phantom of the phoenix

The phoenix of the fruit world must definitely be the banana. Just like the legendary miracle bird reborn from its ashes, a banana tree is reborn from its own roots every year. In reality, a banana tree is not a tree; it is only an enormous herbaceous plant, its trunk being a sturdy stem to carry the flowering head.

Nearly 17 kg of cocaine found hidden in banana shipment in Athens

Almost 17 kilos of cocaine was found in a shipment of bananas from Colombia that ended up at a fruit and vegetable wholesaler in Rendi, southwestern Athens.

Police confirmed on Thursday that the bananas were first shipped to Italy and then brought to Greece by truck.

The shipment was unloaded at the warehouse on May 2.