Serbia will soon be "hit": "In the next two hours..."

Thunderstorm systems over Romania are moving in a north-easterly altitudinal current towards Serbia, i.e. towards its north-eastern part.
"In the next two hours, rain and local showers with thunder are expected in the north of Vojvodina, the south of Banat, Srem and western Serbia," announced the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute (RHMZ) in an announcement published at 4 p.m.

False news from the "Nova S" portal: Vučić never organized counter rallies

The same portal states that on May 19, he will visit most of the municipalities of South Banat, and the grand finale will be an evening gathering in Panevo.
However, the statements of this portal are not correct, because Vui never organized any counter rallies, which he himself stated.

We are not going to face with the German scenario, but with another one

In Western Europe, about 200 people lost their lives, entire villages and even cities were flooded. The damage is huge, and the Germans are now threatened by toxic sludge. What worried us in Serbia was the large amount of precipitation that fell on our country, but also the Danube, which "collects" all that water from Europe.

"We will try to bring another important investor to this bank of the Danube" VIDEO

"Before the end of the year, we will start building the sewerage system on the left bank of the Danube," said Aleksandar Vui on that occasion, adding that the necessary documentation for that project is now being completed.
"It will be a big and most important project, but we found the money and we will start with it soon," said Vucic.

Start of general fishing ban in Romania

The general spring fishing ban began on Friday in Romania's natural habitats, with the fishing closure next imposed in border waters - the Danube River section shared with Bulgaria and the waters that define the border with Ukraine, the Musura Gulf included - as of April 24, according to the Prohibition Order issued by the Ministries of Environment and of Agriculture, respectively.

RHMZ issued a warning, meteoalarm in force PHOTO

The predicted speed is 24 to 28 meters per second (85-100 kilometers per hour).
Due to the announced strong blows of the strong southeast wind in South Banat, the orange meteorological alarm is in force, which will be valid for the next two days.
The yellow warning alarm is issued in Pomoravlje, and it will be in effect for the next two days in Pomoravlje and in Belgrade.

"Timisoara - 31 years since December 1989 Revolution' takes place under 'Dignity, Democracy, Determination' motto

The municipality and the revolutionary associations in Timisoara will mark, between December 16 and 22, the event of December 1989 through a series of manifestations gathered in the program "Timisoara - 31 years since the Revolution of December 1989" , under the motto "Dignity, Democracy, Determination", in a format with restricted public participation.

RHMZ turned on the red weather alarm

The orange meteorological alarm was declared today for the area of Pomoravlje, while Baka, Srem, Sumadija and Belgrade in yellow.
A red meteorological alarm means that the weather conditions are extremely dangerous and of such intensity that they can cause great material damage and pose a danger to the safety of humans and animals.